A bicycle messenger board game through the tiny streets of NYC.

Version 6 now in testing
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V.6 Demo board


Evolution of parts

V.2 set

V.5 extras



parts molding

the box

We're getting so much closer to having something you can hold. Most likely this will change a good amount, but it's a start.


V.5 Demo Board


The beginning-ish

My first game has taken forever to design, but it's given me something to finally add to the ten year field on my goal list and that makes me feel like a responsible adult. This is as close to a creation story as you'll get with this one, because in 2008 I apparently didn't have a camera or have any way to keep track of things I had made. This page is the earliest evidence of Super Rush! from Embrocation magazine a while back. I also used to draw the boards by hand because I didn't yet know what I was supposed to use a computer for, making mistakes somewhat painful. I pulled out rulers and pens to make a new version specifically for this issue, but unfortunately while gluing it down, I tore the thing in half. That was a hard day, but it was a big push to learn some new software.