Lack plus one
Ikea Adapt the Lack Scholarship Contest

Ikea consumers are often inspired by the Lack's physical and emotional lightness, allowing it to serve a strong functional purpose in their homes, while being compact, affordable and easy to move when the time comes. Often these are younger users who may not have much sense of permanency, whether due to transitions through college or just a young ambition for adventure, and the Lack series is well suited to the utility needs of the nomadic consumer.

The Plus One hack alleviates the need for another chair in an already small space, yet is prepared for the friend that could show up at any moment. Not only will the the Plus One increase the function of your Lack table, the simple addition has multifunction at its heart.

When in the standard end table silhouette, the Plus One brings needed storage space for items like books and magazines that are often found stacked above, optimizing the open table space for whatever the day has in store. By sliding the table top back and upright, the media pocket becomes a comfortable full size chair for any guest.

The Lack’s minimal design is iconic as it stands, but sometimes we need to fit more into the objects we bring home. The Lack Plus One addition was born to adapt.