The number two cause of household fires, following electrical fire, is in the kitchen. The plan for this extinguisher is to introduce a light weight, low capacity extinguisher with the kitchen specifically in mind.

It’s important to keep a 10-20 lb extinguisher in the house, but a second quick access option near hot points, like stove tops and toaster ovens, could prevent small flames from turning into serious emergencies.

Large capacity extinguishers carry visual sense of danger, which has been ingrained into its form over several decades. This makes the decision to use an extinguisher a difficult one, or is at least a decision that requires one to stop and assess the situation, wasting valuable time while a fire potentially spreads. Our smaller, less clinical approach to the extinguisher is designed to retain the important visual cues, allowing the inexperienced user to intuitively use the tool based on general knowledge of how the common extinguisher is used, all while softening edges and surface textures to create a more user friendly experience. These updated features all work to alleviate some of the built in anxieties that come with facing a domestic fire.

Quick access. Easy to use. No worries.